Mosaic - Gentle and Humble in Heart

This past week, I visited Mosaic to attend their monthly “Discover the Possibilities” tour. I was met with warm grins, sweet hugs and endearing stories as I learned more about the program. There were several parents of Mosaic who shared testimonials.


This is Chris. One of the speakers was Chris’ mom, Sarah. She explained the different jobs Chris has held through Mosaic and all of the people he’s chosen to meet. Starting with our Mayor, Jean Stoddard, he then chose to meet Governor Ricketts and you can imagine who was next, President Obama. To see Chris’ grin as his mom told about their travels and held her hand provided the context of why Mosaic means so much to so many.

They believe in moving beyond stereotypes to provide a meaningful life, caring community and giving a voice to all of the Mosaic family. One gentleman explained that everyone has dreams and goals, why should only basic needs be met? People of all types need to be given a chance to seek their goals and bring dreams to life.

Gentle and Humble.png

The care and kindness I witnessed in this short tour reiterated what I’d read earlier about Jesus and his life on this earth. He encouraged us to bring our burdens to him. He was gentle and humble in heart and offers rest. The Mosaic people I met were all that, gentle, humble and offering me rest from the chaos of life. The burdens to keep up, fit in, feel productive and have value evaporate within the walls of Mosaic. It is easy to rest and enjoy when surrounded by people who are gentle and humble in heart.