Intercontinental Hotel Group faced a significant hurdle. The front desk clerks at their hotels did not recommending their Priority Club Rewards program. With no motivation, oversight or instruction, it was a simple solution. Let them see the significance of what we want them to do and reward them when they do it well.  Involving front-line managers to motivate, observe and teach at the local level, front desk clerks became involved.  Creating challenges to see which hotel could gain the highest percentages of program enrollees became the goal.  Once these strategies were working, creating the stand-up training to be delivered globally at hotel sites was the final piece that delivered a successful program.


We created content chunks, provided time for learners to interact with the information and created job aids/reference materials so they could "own" the content. Our driver was the end user experience to affect a change with how our audiences approached customers. Translating the content into various languages was interesting and we found ourselves on conference call all hours of the night.