Helipad Safety

This course was designed for hospital employees who use the Helipad.  General Helipad Safety rules are explained and examples provided.  Taking this course did not provide authorization to access the helipad. 

I approached the content using scenarios/results as well as videos authorized by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Because each hospital has different helipad procedures and processes, basic safety rules were highlighted (never have anything above your head, never approach from the back, always wait for flight crew to beckon you to the aircraft) and left space for each hospital to include specific documentation.

“fyi...very well received”.
— Enterprise-wide Director of Emergency Preparedness and Safety
I found the course very informative and content-rich. We will push this out to various groups that use or maintain the Helipad. Thanks to the creative team!
Thank you for inviting me to participate on this project! It is nice to see diligence in providing true to life training for this most often overlooked aspect of hospital operations.
Overall, this looks very good and has excellent information for the learner.
All scenarios are true to life and can/will occur in helipad operations. Great work!
— (now former) Flight Crewman